TRONGAME launches the Gambling dApp as the newest Tron (TRX) blockchain cube

Tron’s (TRX) dice role-playing game known as TRONGAME is now available to interested users. Justin Sun announced on Twitter on 3rd November that the dice game is ready for the community. A few months ago, Tron launched its mainnet and developers are working to develop new functionalities and distributed applications (dApps).

Those who are interested can play (ggogle search). The game allows players to choose between different uses. It is possible to select up to five dice over six to start betting. If the user chooses more dice, the reward is lower. Users can choose their TRX bet amount via their TronLink wallets. Then they can “throw dice” and the smart contract generates a random number between one and six. Once the number is generated, the user receives or loses the money bet depending on the outcome. The payout will be credited directly to the TronLink wallet.

Tron games continue to grow in the market for cryptocurrency and blockchain. You have reached a new milestone for the payout. The most important games are TronDice and TRONbet. Both were able to exceed the 200 million TRX payout in just a few weeks. This shows that there is a real interest in these platforms and games.