The TronDice dApp Has Paid out Nearly $5 Million in TRX

Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation, recently pointed out on social media that the distributed application, TronDice (dApp), has paid over $ 200 million in TRX tokens worth over $ 4 million. According to the dApps website, the value now stands at 243 million TRX, which is 4.8 million USD, as a TRX token is currently trading at $0.022.

The TronDice dApp is one of the first to be introduced in the TRON blockchain. It is essentially a game of chance where users can choose a number between 2 and 100. The intelligent contract of the game randomly generates a number between 1 and 100 and determines based on its odds, whether the player wins or loses after his election.

All you have to do is create a TronLink purse, finance it with TRX tokens and connect it to the game. The dApp is similar to others found in other blockchains because gambling currently seems to be one of Crypto’s biggest use cases.

The success of TronDice comes shortly after TrobBet, the first dApp introduced in the blockchain of the cryptocurrency, surpassed the 200 million TRX payout threshold. With CryptoGlobe, TronBet has been played over 10,000 times on the day of its release.

The game was so popular that it helped TRON overtake Ethereum in its daily transaction volume. Last month, the TRON Foundation announced that the number of accounts in the main crypto network has exceeded 500,000 and is growing at 100,000 per month.

By 16 October, the Foundation had claimed that 90 smart contracts had been made available on the network after being launched nearly a week ago. Earlier, TRON acquired the popular Peer-to-Peer filesharing platform BitTorrent for $ 140 million.

Recently, the TRX token rose after Sun announced a mysterious partnership with an industry giant. The partnership turned out to be a simple cloud computing contract with Baidu. The move was criticized online