Dapp on the Tron TRX network

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Tron Trx will be 200x faster than Ethereum and more cost effective than EOS. Tron have capable of handling 20K transaction per seconds. Tron will be the future of the blockchain and now many developers trying to test DApp on the Trx network. We are sorting some DApps using this new network for our users to review and join. The launched of TVM will allow more decentralized governance. Tron Virtual Machine TVM consists of Tron network, Tron Fullnode, Tron web (Box, links and application)

  1. Project Atlas will connecting P2P bit-torrent with Trx network. The purpose is to build a network with faster download pace for their users.
  2. Tronbet (October 19, 2018 launched). A fair dice games. First fully Decentralized app (DApp). Predict the number you’d like to roll under. The smart contract will randomly generate a lucky number. Each bet place will give you ANTE token. Check tronbet.io
  3. TronDice: Predict the number range you want and start betting. Noted you must own TronLink wallet and trx coin in order to play the games. Visit trondice.org
  4. CoinFlipp is under hitdapps.com. Bet between “king” or “Queen” to win. Very simple.
  5. FOMO Long Tron: A provably lottery game. The jackpot share among every key holders. Each round last 24 hours. 60% to the winner, 30% distributed among the key holders and 10% to the developer. This game was in hitdapps.com.
  6. Last Trip – A game that you will meet many people. Every choice you choose will determine your journey. Check puzzle-lt.com:9302.
  7. Trongame.top: New Dice rolling game Tree or Six

Existing Apps Powered by Tron network:

  1. Peiwo – An China based mobile social networking and anonymous chat messenger for youngster. 10 million registered users. Accumulated audio messenger over 0.5 billion minutes and speed matching over 4 billion. Check here www.peiwo.cn
  2. Game.com is a blockchain gaming platform, game developer platform and game asset trading platform. The blockchain game such as love.pet . They have their own token call GTC. You can buy the token at many trading platform.
  3. Live.up app: mobile live-streaming. You can enjoy with game, short video, entertainment and events. Registered user 20 million, majority from Asia countries.
  4. Obike: Singapore first smart bicycle-sharing platform app. Rent a bike and return the bike whenever, wherever via the Obike app.
  5. Kitty.live mobile social media Dapp that offering live broadcast. Partnership with Tron network and more than 20 million users.
  6. Mico chat: Meet new friend near you and live chat instantly. Random match with new people.

Tron News: Justin Sun Open Letter: TRON will complete TRON4.0 upgrade on July 7,2020. According to the latest open letter from TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Sun Justin, TRON will usher in the fourth on July 7, 2020 Singapore time The next upgrade-TRON4.0 era. TRON 4.0 includes a series of functions: 1. TRONZ anonymous protocol upgrade, smart contract virtual machine supporting privacy calculation; 2. New two-layer consensus mechanism, which can achieve faster block confirmation, and is a cross-chain protocol Provide security guarantees; 3. The new TICP cross-chain protocol realizes the asset exchange and asset transfer between different blockchains; 4. Enterprise-level one-key distribution chain, launches a blockchain general development framework, enterprise developers Only need to customize development based on their own business scenarios, you can quickly deploy a new application chain.